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igotu2gpx / 2014-11-07 (金)

6月に調達した[External]i-gotU GT-600

11/03 18:06 SFJ A320機内にて

データの吸い上げは5年前のi-gotU GT-120以来、Windows版の@TripPC頼みだったのだが、とある徳の高いお方からMac OSやLinuxにも対応した[External]igotu2gpxを教えて貰ったので、早速インストールした。

yano@GT110b:~$ sudo apt-get install qtchooser qt4-default libboost-program-options-dev libusb-dev
yano@GT110b:~$ wget https://launchpad.net/igotu2gpx/0.3/0.3.0/+download/igotu2gpx-0.3.0.tar.gz
yano@GT110b:~$ tar xvf igotu2gpx-0.3.0.tar.gz
yano@GT110b:~$ cd igotu2gpx-0.3.0
yano@GT110b:~/igotu2gpx-0.3.0$ qmake && make && sudo make install
ld: library not found for -lboost_program_options-mt

yano@GT110b:~/igotu2gpx-0.3.0$ sudo ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libboost_program_options.so /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libboost_program_options-mt.so
libboost_program_options-mtが無いという事でlibrary not foundが出たが、代替ライブラリは無さそうなのでlibboost_program_options.soにシンボリックリンクを張って暫定対処。【追記】[External]Ask Ubuntuによると
The -mt suffix had been removed. The installed Boost libraries are multi-threading safe.


yano@GT110b:~/igotu2gpx-0.3.0$ igotu2gpx --help
Usage: igotu2gpx info|dump|clear|diff [OPTIONS...]

  --action arg          info: show GPS tracker configuration
                        dump: output trackpoints
                        clear: clear memory of the GPS tracker
                        diff: show configuration differences relative to an
                        image file
  -d [ --device ] arg   connect to the specified device (usb:<vendor>:<product>
                        (Unix) or serial:<n> (Windows))
  -i [ --image ] arg    read memory contents from file (saved by "dump --raw")
  --gpx                 output in GPX format (this is the default)
  --details             output a detailed representation of all trackpoints
  --raw                 output the memory contents of the GPS tracker (be sure
                        to redirect output to a file)
  --segments            for output in GPX format, group trackpoints into
                        segments instead of tracks
  --utc-offset arg      time zone offset in seconds
  --help                output this help and exit
  --version             output version information and exit
  -v [ --verbose ]      increase verbosity

取り敢えず、USBを繋いでigotu2gpx infoで状態を確認出来るが、sudoしないとUnable to download~になるので注意。

yano@GT110b:~/igotu2gpx-0.3.0$ igotu2gpx info
Downloading configuration...
Unable to download configuration from GPS tracker: Unable to claim interface 0 on device '0df7:0900'
yano@GT110b:~/igotu2gpx-0.3.0$ sudo igotu2gpx info
Downloading configuration...
Serial number: 378669
Firmware version: 5.55
Model: GT-200e
Number of points: 0
Schedule date: Friday, October 31, 2014
Schedule date offset: 0 day(s)
Schedule table: disabled
Log interval: 30 s
Interval change: above 24 km/h, use 5 s
LEDs: enabled
Button: enabled
Security version: 0
Password: disabled, []

yano@GT110b:~/igotu2gpx-0.3.0$ sudo igotu2gpx dump > igotu_`date +%Y%m%d`.gpx


yano@GT110b:~$ sudo igotu2gpx clear
Clearing memory...
Unable to clear memory of GPS tracker: GT-200e: Unable to clear memory of this GPS tracker model. Instructions how to help with this can be found at https://answers.launchpad.net/igotu2gpx/+faq/480.
となった。[External]Questions : igotu2gpxによると解決済みのようだったので、差分を適用してクリアもOK。

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